My name is Eric Franzman, and I am a Minnesota based animator. Ever since I read Calvin and Hobbes and watched several cartoons growing up I have always been inspired and driven by cartooning. I enjoy doodling in my notebook whenever I can and sharing with others what I have created. I have been animating since I was very young, making simple stop-motion films with the family camcorder and some action figures.

I enjoy making people laugh. This desire to entertain others along with my love for animation is what drove me to pursue a major in animation at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where I have already improved as an artist and a person. My favorite form of animation is 2D, and in a world filled with 3D animators I hope to preserve 2D animation as a solid medium and artform.

Much like the cartoons I have grown up with I like to keep my work fun and goofy, while continuing to develop my style and artistic abilities.